Friday, November 7, 2008

About the Family!

Why I started my blog? Its been a while ago but, for a YoungWomen activity, the girls wanted to learn how to start their own blogs. The older girls had theirs, but not the younger ones. So the YW said I needed one, to share my pictures with my family and friends. So here I am! I hope your enjoy watching my family grow :)

Me, I am working in the office at Red Cliffs Elementary. I serve as the YW Pres. And I love my YW (girls)! And being a grandma to the 3 cutest grandkids, is the best thing ever. Spoil them and send them home! Gary is still in the building business. And loves being a grandpa or a gramps, like Avia calls him at times. McKel and Mike have 2....Avia that just turned 4 and Madix that is 20 months. They live in Nephi. Mandee and Jaren have Jayden that will being turning 2 in April. And they also live in Nephi. We are lucky to have them live around us! Keisha and Paul, just got married March 13th. In the St. George Temple. They are soooo happy and living in St. Geroge. They have added to their family already. Buying a turtle on thier Honeymoon and naming it Ensey! He sure is a cute little rock! haha And Elder Jordan Jones is serving in Hawaii. He was on the Big Island and is now serving on Honolulu. He is loving every minute of it! So thats a little bit about the Jones Family for now.