Thursday, November 5, 2009

FALL FUN...........

We took the Grandkids to CornBelly's.
Madix .... Avia .... Jayden

Fun on the School Bus!

Ducky Races!

"Princess Avia"

The boys trying the slide

@ "CoRnBeLlY's

"Girls Weekend Out"

Every October...When the guys head for the hills...the girls
head to Salt Lake! It's always been a fun tradition.
Thanks Mom and Kristi for letting us come.

Halloween 2009

Here is Elmo (Jayden) and Cowgirl Janey & Cowboy Jessy James (Avia & Madix)
Their funny faces don't show it.....But they had a great time lol
They loved opening the door at grandma and grandpa's
To see the Tricker Treaters and handin out the Candy

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Over The Hump!

"COME WHAT MAY and ......... LOVE IT"

Jordan (Elder Jones) has been out ONE YEAR on Oct 15th! It has been a wonderful year!
Now the count down begins!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Mommy and Daddy to Be!

Another Grandchild on its Way!

Keisha and Paul surprised us with a Scavenger Hunt! Keisha told Jordan first to included him. He told us HE had a Hawaiian Surprise scavenger hunt plan for Father's Day weekend. But he was really just helping Keisha out with surprising us. The first clue was at grandma Shirley's house at 4:00pm. We got there and McKel found the clue in the kitchen window. The next clue was at our house. So we all beat it back up there. And with 3 cars on the road racing back. I was nervous! The girls took 4th East, so Gary thought, taking another road, he could cut them off at track street! But NO we all got there at the same time. So we crossed track street and took the weeds, on the side of the road to try and pass. But we made it back to the house without hitting anyone or crashing each other. WE all jumped out of the cars and was running around the house, trying to find the next clue. And the clue was a box sitting on deck! We opened it and there were wrapped gifts, for each one of us to open. The gifts were baby things. So I was saying to each of the girls. Is it YOU! And Gary was reading a poem that was the clue and said, the ones expecting the answer was on a paper in the baby bottle. It was Keisha and Paul!!! It was fun and exciting to know that there is another grandchild on it way. We are so excited for them!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Elder Jones....Serving on OAHU

Elder Matthews and Elder Jones in Pearl City
Zone Basketball Game

Elder Stats and Elder Jones in Pearl City

6 months....... Tie Burning!
Jordan has been out now 8 months on the 15th. He was just transfered to Honolulu - West Zone and has been called to be a District leader. He is loving his mission and the people of Hawaii.

Road Trip.....To Mount Rushmore!

This picture was taken at Bear Country USA. The little cubs were so fun to watch.
You drove your car through this park. We would hurry and put down are window and take a picture. And hurry and roll it back up! There was at least 100 bears! They were huge!

We took the Needle Hwy and this is one of the beautiful rock tunnels, we drove through.

Crazy Horse

Our trip start in Jackson Hole Wy. Gary wanted to ride the river, since it was way high. Me and a lady Florida ended up on the front bench of the boat. Cause everyone else wanted to row. So every time we hit a rapid, we got soaked bad! The water was so cold, we had to wear wet suits. We had a great time on the river. After staying in Jackson Hole we drove across Wy. to Casper and stayed there. My father-in-law would joke when he worked in Wy. That the people there could watched their dog run away for 3 days! I believe it now. Driving through there state made me appreciate our beautiful mountains here in Utah. Then after Casper, we drove into the Black Hills National Park and it was beautiful. We had a great trip.

"Road Trip......continues"

We stayed in a little town called Keystone, South Dakota. Doing alittle shopping on their boardwalk main street.
We to the night show at Mount Rushmore.

Here was all 50 States flags leading you into Mount Rushmore. It was way cool to see.

I guess if its your first time seeing the State, you have to stop and take a picture of the sign! hehehe

Gary sitting at the Million Dollar Bar.....He looks like he is ready for the Ute Stampede!