Saturday, June 13, 2009

Road Trip.....To Mount Rushmore!

This picture was taken at Bear Country USA. The little cubs were so fun to watch.
You drove your car through this park. We would hurry and put down are window and take a picture. And hurry and roll it back up! There was at least 100 bears! They were huge!

We took the Needle Hwy and this is one of the beautiful rock tunnels, we drove through.

Crazy Horse

Our trip start in Jackson Hole Wy. Gary wanted to ride the river, since it was way high. Me and a lady Florida ended up on the front bench of the boat. Cause everyone else wanted to row. So every time we hit a rapid, we got soaked bad! The water was so cold, we had to wear wet suits. We had a great time on the river. After staying in Jackson Hole we drove across Wy. to Casper and stayed there. My father-in-law would joke when he worked in Wy. That the people there could watched their dog run away for 3 days! I believe it now. Driving through there state made me appreciate our beautiful mountains here in Utah. Then after Casper, we drove into the Black Hills National Park and it was beautiful. We had a great trip.


Connie said...

It sounds like you had a great trip. I'm glad you didn't get attacked by the bears. Now that we're both finally home, we will "for sure" have to get together.

Paul and Keisha said...

lol I'm suprised you got dad to stay in the car this time!!! The baby bears are so cute!

Remember to Breathe said...

What a fun trip! Pack us in your suitcase next time! :)