Sunday, May 17, 2009

4- Wheeling with the Lunt's

4 Wheelin'
Mom and John ... With the grandkids in the back
Lovin' Every Minute!

Family Photo Time

Since we didn't get together for Mom on Mother's Day. We did it a week late in Fillmore at Marty and Cortney's house. We had a BarQ and then went 4 wheelin'. We had a great time. It was way fun getting together as a family. Joey and Rachel and the boys missed the ride. Tyrell had Baseball games. But they came down when we just got back. So will have to do it again. So they can go ridin'. Thanks family for a fun weekend! Love ya

I Love watching the Dance Review!

Kitty Cat Avia!
Their cute dolly dance

Their cute Kitty Cat dance.

This is Avia's second year in dancing....She loves it...and she danced so cute.

"Avia' Dance Review"

McKel, Mike Madix and Avia

Avia and Lisa Blackett ... Her Dance Teacher

Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Little Frogy's.......


"They all wanted to try on Paul's BLUE goggles"

The Kids had a great time in the pool! The sun was nice and warm. Since we left rain and cold home. It was fun being together.

Keisha's Birthday.....In St. George

Keisah's Birthday is today! She invited us down to celebrate. So we all came down Saturday night and stayed until today. We went to church with her on Sunday (Paul had to work). Monday the guys and Keisha went fishing. Everyone caught one but her. Then we all went swimming. It was so nice and warm. We all had a great time. Thanks Keisha and Paul. Happy Birthday Keisha!